Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Video Podcast on RTI

If you're having issues with the video, this site is where I found it! It's instructional, and has many great videos!

What I found today related back to a short video on the RTI model, and how it's been changing not only how teachers are able to reach Special Education students, but also how it helps with other groups of Regular Ed. students as well.

However, the video looks over the many different impacts on how it's been worked with Special Education students. It goes over one of the main idea of how students are now being evaluated, or identified with a disability. It showed how useful it was at finding students, but not at how it was changing the students' lessons. The teachers and staff were then able to match up the abilities of the students to what kind of methods that would help them with learning. It helped in making decisions in how they are taught.

It also spoke about how students could be identified, and the negatives of being labeled. Non-categorical models were the new name given to students who had special needs and that were less readilly known among the other students. This had proved to have taken some pressures of being a 'labeled' student off of the children that were involved.

The story wrapped up with how much the RTI scale was helping to reach all the students, and being able to show the student's where their progress was taking place. Overall, I thought this was a good video podcast on how RTI was benifiting everyone rather than a select group of individuals.

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