Monday, March 11, 2013

Reading Rockets!

This long video is just a little tip giver about how to participate within a child's life. It focuses a lot on parents involvement with their own kids. It also stressed about teachers and how they adapt to each and every one of their student's needs. This video podcast goes over many of the different media adaptations that families face, a lot of it being focused on technology, not only at home, but also within the classroom.

This video also gave good pointers on different educational medias that can be used within the classroom, such as videos on literacy or math on youtube. There is also a heavy indication of how context should not be subtracted from a lesson simply because there is being a video, podcast or other technological media being used within the classroom. Lessons should always have meaning and understanding portrayed to the viewers, no matter the age group.

What I wanted to focus on mainly was the site that I drew this video from. I thought that it was a great place to start with one of my projects for adaptive activities for not only students, but with parents as well. While exploring the site, I thought that it would be a good idea to archieve it, along with making sure that it could be found here. Having something like this available to other parents as well as teachers is important. I loved this site becuase it made making lesson activites easier to create. The Reading Rockets web page has many different learning activites, as well as other gread media uses, such as informative videos as well as lessons. The video above was recieved from this webpage of the site, and they have many other informative podcasts as well!

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