Sunday, March 3, 2013

Collaboration for EL/Special Education students

On the Ebsco Host data base I found an interesting abstract from an article that I found. This is the link to the abstract article that I found. What caught my eye was the idea of collaboration among both special education teachers and EL or regular ed teachers.

This is the PDF file that was attached to the article's abstract. The article was made by Jennifer Canillas Stein and the article's title is name, 'The Case for Collaboration: Integrating Information on English Learners and Special Education in Teacher Preparation Programs.'

The six page article goes over differnent collaboration techniques that professions should take in order to better teach their EL and Special Education students. There was also research done on percentages comparing normal special education students, vs. the minority of language impaired special ed. students. There is also a heavy indication for an IEP team to be able to distingues language issues vs. academic issues within a student's learning ability. The article gives stressed information about the need of importance of IEP team members to communicate to one another. It speaks about the benifits that senior members can always pass down to newer members.

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