Thursday, April 26, 2012

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I believe Project...

This is my short viedo on what I believe.

I cant recall if I mentioned this but here it is again. Create a blog post reflecting on the process of creating your "This I believe . . .' project. What did you discover about yourself? What was fun? Rewarding? Difficult? Easy? Also, discuss how you might

Thu 4/26

This I believe Reflection…

                Self Discovery: What I found out while I was making this project was my past, and what I had gained throughout my life so far. Although I did grow nostalgic over the subject, I found that karate and that short experience within the CCD classroom was what morphed me into what I want out of my life. I realized that I find something different and challenging within the teaching field, and it’s something that will keep me interested and busy.

                Fun: What I found fun about this project was mostly the story writing, but that was more essay based. I think that even though it was a small part, the ending song ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ was the best part of making this short video. I loved working with some of my friends in order to put it together, and I enjoy adding humor to my work.

                Rewarding: I found out about myself, and I was able to work with new software such as Microsoft Movie. I thought it was fun, and although I’m sure that there are better movie makers out there, I found Microsoft Movie very accessible. Not very handy though, but still…I took what I could get.

                Difficult: Working with Microsoft Movie maker. It wouldn’t take any of the audio tracks I wanted to add, and even when I went through the trouble of making the audio re-save files, it was still difficult. Audacity was not much of a help, but then again, I had never really worked with the program. I resorted to ‘Record Tool.’ I found it deep within the program accessories of my own computer, and it was a lot more helpful than anything else.

                Easy: Making the essay. The only hard part about the essay was keeping it to a minimum, and well as trying to focus on the main points I wanted to tell the readers and listeners about. I also found that it was slightly troublesome trying to figure out what I wanted to tell everyone. Divulging in deep information on the computer is simply one thing that I’m not sure I’m ready for, but I suppose it has to start somewhere.

                Classroom uses: I would try not to use Microsoft Movie Maker in my classroom. I would instead work towards Garage Band and IMovie. I have not yet worked with IMovie, but I’m guessing that it is a lot more accessible to use within a classroom. Within my classroom, I would be happier to speak about my becoming a teacher, and I would love telling my future students about what had made me want to become a teacher.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was surprised to read that the OER expands over a wide range of knowledge. I was not surprised though when I read the part about the reliability of some of the content. I think it gets a little sketchy when a large source goes through the trouble of trying to ‘gather’ up everyone’s information without having outstanding credibility. I saw that OER is looking into trying to explore their database though. It scares me that pretty much anyone can post content up, or so that’s my understanding of how OER receive their information.

How OER effects me as a Learner: I would be able to access a diversity of websites and links. Which I noticed is a lot like EBSCO Host from my high school…But I still find such sites as these very helpful. Since the articles are short, they are easier to read and even informative. In some instances though, they may lack credibility, or even information.
How OER effects me as a Student: I would be able to further expand on criteria on some of my classes. I also think that this site would be great as a resources page and so I would be able to use it to my advantage in the essay and research paper area.
How OER effects me as a Future Teacher: I would use this in my classroom to give examples of not only other persons’ works, but also as a reference to many different subjects. Although I based most of my articles on art (Which I did because I like art, and I thought that reading multiple articles on subjects I actually enjoyed would make my work assignment a lot easier and faster…) I noted that there were many other categories and helpful areas. Since I did narrow in on Arts and humanities though, I believe that I have expanded my knowledge even further in some way, even if it was just a little bit.

Exploring the world of how music can become a science study, I think that this would be very enjoyable to read about if I were a learner who liked to expand my knowledge on music and how it could be thought of as a ‘natural’ science.

I believe that as a student, this article on Creative Writing would be very helpful. Although, I have always been interested in taking a creative writing course, I believe that I would not have to after reading this article. I think that it’s not only very informative about how to do a ‘set-up’ of it, but I think that I would be able to actually use it within my other course work and studies. I like this link very much, and have a note of it for later reference.

As a teacher, I would use this source to give examples of different art ideas and culture standings of diverse peoples. I think that this article would be good to go over in an art class with my students if I wanted examples of different artistic

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I believe...

               I believe education should be devoted to teaching persons of all learning and physical diversities. I believe this because it is important not only as a teacher, but also as a growing learner, that we can all learn. Some persons need no help learning on their own, and some persons need extra special help in order to learn, even a small amount. Even though some people may take longer to teach than others, I know that I will be willing to put forth the effort and time in order to reach the learners who are willing to try.

                 My first interaction among students was through teaching small groups of younger and older individuals in my father’s karate dojo. When I had first become a green belt, which is considered a ‘novice’ to some people within the karate world, I was already trying to help others around me learn what I had already knew. It was fun and easy teaching my peers and friends how to fight and do wazas, and sparring. It took a lot of patience, but once I found out the groove that was best for my learner, I was able to teach them. I loved leading in most of the activities and lessons in the karate class, but where I learned my true passion was among CCD students.

               I remember being told that I would be working at a church, with students who were getting prepared to receive their first holy communion. I thought I would be frustrated dealing with students in a subject that I was not sure that I could even teach. As I’ve learned over time, I know that everyone has their own views on different life lessons, from algebra to religion, and even with Karate. I also learned, that no matter what a learner or student or even a teacher believes, they have that right, and I could or wouldn’t affect their own opinions and viewpoints.

                However, once I was lectured about course material and what I would be preparing the third grade CCD students in, I felt more at ease stepping into the classroom. Finally, when my time to meet the students was upon me, I was told at the last minute that I would be instructing a ‘unique’ classroom. There were two children who had autism, one child who was a paraplegic, and three students who were considered by the other teachers of the school ‘normal.’ I had never worked in an inclusive classroom, and although this was not considered an inclusive classroom, I was still teaching these kids.

                When I had first met these students, I was worried at first, having made one of the children with autism cry due to not giving him Oreos when he wanted them. Once I was used to the class, and worked alongside them for the rest of the year, I grew to enjoy it. I loved learning about their lives, and how they learned, what they enjoyed and what they thought about things within their world. I wanted this to be a continuing feeling, something that I would be able to do for the rest of my life. I want to work with those extra special children, and I want to learn about them. I believe I taught those children, and they for sure taught me, and this is why I believe that as teachers and as a learner, I should be devoted to teaching, no matter the learning or physical diversity.