Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Podcast Chicago closure of schools

Today I found an NPR podcast regarding school closures in Chicago. This is the website page that I found the NPR podcast on. It is a short news link that tries to figure out why most of the schools in Chicago have been forced to close.

Angry parents try to argue that they have the right to keep the schools, not only becuase they pay for it, but becuase their kids have a right to an education. This is true, every child should be able to get an education, especially in well adapted cities. However, the reasons that the NPR podcast went over were much different than what I would have thought it was.

NPR podcast on school closures

The reason why the schools were being shut down was becuase of the lack of students attending. A lot of the lowered rates of populous within the school caused smaller populations of students going, which led to decrease in funds as well as class sizes. Large schools were becoming small schools, and so it was hard to maintain them. The reason of population decrease was not (mainly) due to dropout rates, but more or less Charter Schools being added to that area. With this increase, the shift of population left one area for a desire in the other. This effected not only Chicago, but Washington and other major areas as well.

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