Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CEC Blog on Inclusive Classrooms

Today's article was something that I found off of a blog spot based on the CEC website. Kaylie: Inspired by Inclusive Education relates back to a girl who was inspired by a few articles that she found from back in her college days. The articles related back to the inclusion of students with severe-to moderate disabilities being involved within a general ed classroom.

The article goes onto to highlight some of the writer's main points that inspired her while she was reading through the articles. Some of the points are about what the definition of inclusive classroom means, the mindset for inclusive education, and thinking differently about inclusive education. All of her short bulleted points all have small descriptions of what they were defined as being.

She also references the works that she looked over, and there is a short podcast on the web page that you can actually listen to the article being read. I enjoyed this article becuase it was not only short, but I thought that having a member of the CEC group display information about such topics such as inclusive teaching and others.

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