Monday, March 4, 2013

Informative Website

Today I was looking online for some coloring pages that I may be able to use within my play center for an ECED210 activity and I came across an amazing site that related to Special Needs. This website gives many different definitions of multiple disabilities. One of the ones that I found interesting related back to Dyslexia, and different ways that if can be defined. The page that it took me to also gave many different resources that both children and adults could use to seek help, or even learn about.

This site was just informative and interesting to look at. On the side panal though, it gives different links to other areas of topics, such as working with art, history and even the science field. The area that I was looking at related back to S.E.N. section. I was a little sad when I did not find too many good printables or activities though.

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