Saturday, March 2, 2013

Acronyms and Terms

Today I was searching the web for an idea to write about for my philosophy project, and there was a thought that crossed my mind: What about if I had something handy that I could have as a reference for terms that I did not readilly know. Well, after searching for a little bit, I came across a great web page lebeled as acronym central!

After making sure that my computer will always have a copy of this, I decided to use it as today's post so that I would be able to look back at certain terms that are frequently used within the Special Educational field. I suggest having a quick look for yourself, and decide if maybe some of the terms that are being used now, really mean what you've always thoguht they were, such as CASS, Council of Administrators of Special Services, which was actually formerly known as CAPS and CASE, A professional organization for Special Education and Pupil Services Personnel.

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