Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Informative Video

Looking over some videos that I was interested in, I found one in particular that I enjoyed. The one that I was looking over A place of our own website and found a video that I really did find informative. The video that I looked at was titled "Discussion." Discussion link to video is right here, and it appears as really small, but the audio is what matters the most.

Although the video is not related a lot back to teaching, it does go into detail about Care givers, who may or may not work with special needs students. It's about two women who are having a questionair type sequence about a lady named Jannet, who answers questions about special needs. Jannet goes on to calmly explain the more 'easy' terms of how to identify or recognize the issues that younger children who may display delays or other issues, and what we as adults can do to try and help. She reads a letter from a caregiver, who is concerned about one of her children, and wants to be able to 'reach' everyone, and asks how she can use different strategies.

Jannet goes on to explain that identifying special needs students is one of the most important things, as well as informing the audiance about how to use different strategies to work with younger children. She mentions that being able to identify what type of special needs a student or younger person may have, such as one with a language delay, will help to determine what type of strategy to use, such as verbal lessons, or other 'hands on' activities.

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