Monday, March 25, 2013


While looking through some PA laws that focused on Special Education, I came across a very interesting website. Parent Educational Network is a site that helps to inform parents, a well as educators about special needs students, as well as policies regarding special education.

The section that I was looking into was with regard to Parents and Professional links that could be used to help parents or educators better understand the different resources that are available to them. Some of the categories and links would include; Disability Resource Web Links, Response to Instruction and Intervention, Social Media Safety and many others.

Some of the material has a lot of pdf files that are available for download, and I would think that with my future goals, having a small binder of some of these aspects and categories would be great to keep around myself.

One of the categories that I found interesting was the Transition Services Links, which included information regarding transfer training and services for parents. When I went to the Independent Living page, which can be found right here, I was taken to a page that listed many different listing of multiple issues. It gave examples of short handbooks regarding Autism, FMLA documents, and housing sources that parents would be able to look into.

I think that this website is very helpful, and that it would be something for both parents as well as educators to use or even glance over when dealing with policies or resources that can help parents and teachers help with the living, care, and education of students who have special needs.

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