Friday, March 1, 2013

Once Upon a School

Today I've looked up a TED talk video, and while browsing the site, I found this video.

During this somewhat lengthy video, Eggers' speaks about how different types of children and their homestyles. One of the main family structures he hits on that deals back to education, is english language learners. He continues on to speak about a part of his life when he was living near a tutor, where students could flow in whenever, and then this way they could give time to other neighborhood kids. When they had rented the space, they were told they had to use some of the space for retail value. Eggers decided to put a 'pirate supply store' in the back, where kids and adults alike could go and have a look around.

The tutoring/publishing center gave an opportunity to help students after school with homework, and being able to recieve help from adults that worked there. Eggers explained this as producing a happy family life with the free time that this produced, and that a happy family, would help support an entire community. The video also goes on to continue speaking about how in Brooklyn, another store opened, which tried hard to work alongside Eggers' idea of the after and during school tutor sessions. instead of naming itself a 'pirate supple store' though, they were titled with, 'Brooklyn Superhero Supply.'

Feel free to have a look at the video yourself though, it's very interesting, and I think that with Eggers' idea of making a tutor area that's not within a school gives kid's an opportunity to help students who may not have parents to help them when they go home after school.

Follow this link to a TED talk!

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