Thursday, March 28, 2013


For my blogger today, I would like to bring up something personal that I learned in class yesturday night. During my night class, we were learning to do mini case studies, and we followed through with making a 'group' PBSP I believe it was.

Our entire class did it together, and our teacher even helped us to break it down. I think that the reason I bring this up today for my blog entry is becuase it is something that I wanted to mention. It's helpful to learn it while still in the beginning stages of starting my career path, and it's nice to have a dedicated teacher working with an entire class on it. It's good to see the enthusiasm to teach the importance and fundamental process of such important documentation. However, it does not mean that I did not have any issues with it. I'll admit that I do still have some issues with writing one up innitially, exspecially when it comes to the ABC's of it. However, I also know that if I work on doing it (Mostly becuase it is something that I will have to embed into my brain before I start my professional career), I will learn it.

Anyway, I think that I do enjoy the way that we go over our PBSP documents, along with our IEP's for another class that I am taking this semester. The time that our teachers take now to follow through with us on these 'tricky' doccuments will only help better prepare us for the future.

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