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Welcome: What you may or may have not seen just above this line of words is my ‘This I believe’ Video for my SEDU183 course. Within the video, I describe my first experiences with teaching through a karate class, and into a CCD classroom. The video essay speaks about where I had originally developed my passion for wanting to not only help others around me understand their surrounds, but also to teach. The video is about five minutes long and hits on what I believe education should be, and how I have learned to thrive forward in making it happen. Below the video is a small reflection piece on the actually video, Right here is where you will be able to directly link back to my video as well as the reflection so that you can read it at your own leisure.

My Classroom: 

            Within my classroom, I will have at least one computer, if not more so that the students can incorporate technology into their curriculum. I want my students to be able to have access with OER and EBSCO as well as the internet in general so that they will not feel limited to what they can look up or learn about (With reasonable observation and super valiance of course.). I will also have many shelves, filled with not only didactic materials, but anything else that I feel my students will need to help with their educational growth. I will have a small section of the room for a dramatic play area, most likely throughout the kitchen area and the circle rug, which I will section off depending on a theme I feel our class should be learning about. I will have small round tables, and large student tables set up so that group activities will be better accessible to my students. I will have easels to incorporate artistic development inside my room, as well as many book stands so that the students can read what interests them. I will have a square rug with sofas, or soft cushions and bean bag chairs in order to make lectures, or learning more ‘relaxing for the children. This area will also pose as an inquiry based learning area, or somewhere that the students can feel free to question what I’m teaching them. Lastly, I will set aside a small amount of the room for desks, so that the students will be able to better pay attention while sitting in their own individual seats. I would like to have a smart board so that my students will be able to work along with me, and helping me through my teaching lessons. On the walls, along with windows overlooking the outside world, I would like to have documentation panels of the students. I will also have art work or projects that the students do up for everyone to see.

Incorporation: I will have at least three of the following within my room: Collaboration, Communication, and student centered learning. I will show collaboration by having teacher to student activities, where the students will work in groups and collaborate along with me on what their ideas, plans, and goals are for their projects. I will have communication in my room through the smart/projection board near the front of the room. I will also have the square rug, where students can better ask questions, and feel more relaxed when talking to me about classroom issues. Lastly, I will have student centered learning by promoting subjects that the students want to learn about, rather than what I’m ‘simply’ supposed to teach them. The students will be active within my classroom, and I will accommodate their needs any way that I can. 

Rituals and Routines: At the beginning of the day, I will greet my students, each one, by name. This will not only help to build on teacher to student relationships, but also help to remember names and faces. The students will sit down in the morning, and they will understand that they must take a few minutes to catch up on classroom work, or school work. Once settled in, my students and I will go over lessons in a category of my choice, such as reading, or word pronunciations, and then we will work on the smart board with writing or sounds. I will try hard to use the smart board to make sure that my students are active learners. Students will break off into groups and do assignments that are both interesting to them, and a collaboration that I have helped guide them to understand. (Through the guidance of some projects, I will be able to make sure that the students are learning what I need them to learn curriculum wise, while at the same time, appeasing their interests). There will be a lunch time, and then recess, given that the school I work for has not discarded it. After recess, we will work on math problems, and understand concepts that relate to science, allowing the age group that I work with is in that range of learning abilities. Also, I will give the students time in the day to read, do art, or work independently within an arranged time limit. I would like to keep my groups of students to a minimum of three during this time. After that, we may work with the computer, or go over lessons on the square rug that the students may want to know further about. I will also promote group reading by one student to the entire group if I so choose.

Incorporation: Within my classroom I will show collaboration through group activities and teacher to student group planning. I will have student centered learning through adapting work sheets and the curriculum in order to better assimilate with what the students are interested in.

Instructional Glimpse: When I think about something that I want my students to learn about, I think about language and mathematics. Depending on the grade level of students that I teach in my classroom, I would like to stay on track with about first to second graders. Right off the bat, this site helped me to find out how important it is for students to learn words and meanings. My lesson will follow the standards by meeting the criteria for what I am supposed to be teaching my students. I believe I will a lot with the grade one level standards in the ‘word study’ division. My focus will be on sections 1.1-1.7. In my lesson, I will focus on word pronunciation, and by using my smart board, I will be able to not only work independently, but also group wise with my students. I found a nice youtube video as an example of words my students will learn, repeat out loud, and learn along with one another in my classroom. Although this video goes very fast, I figured that I would still be able to use it as a guide, along with the language LOGICS system that I will be learning about for my future career. The students and I will begin slowly to pronounce words, applying them faster over time.

My Technology Integration: I will keep on using technology in my classroom in many different ways. The main way is by using my smart board in order to keep my class interactive. Since the smart board is a touchscreen tool, I would like to be able to see my students leading the class in assignments or activities that are being presented on the spot or in front of the class. Such as writing words and doing small math problems on at a time for everyone to see. Interactive activities will be a stride for me to try and take on, but by incorporating the internet and animated websites with the classroom, I will show my students useful tools to use. I believe that for my students to better learn about different cultures, there is only one outstandingly vivid way of doing so, and that is through collaboration with other teachers and classrooms. I would love to be able to show my class how to use Skype, or any other type of ‘online-pen pal’ system that would enable me to play a live video feed with another teacher with their own students. Through virtual interactions, my class will be able to do online participatory discussions with other educators that I know all the way across the world. Also, with such sites as wedoist, and mywebspirations (where you actually have to pay for now, but is still a very useful tool to have around the classroom), it is much easier to plan and accumulate diverse thinking methods among other peers and educators. I will use Google tools like Google docs in order to make sure that my work, and files are always accessible to me, or others that request them.

PLN: I will continue to use my personal learning network by constantly expanding my knowledge. I will make sure that if there is something, anything that will keep me not only up to date, but also learning, I will make sure to use it fully to my advantage. I will keep expanding on useful tools, such as internet links, and different learning sites. I want to be able to contact other learners and teachers who can help me, and give me advice throughout my future years as an educator. I will try my hardest to incorporate technology into my curriculum, as well as my life. I want to communicate with others across the world and try to bring other’s cultures and ideas into my classroom. I want to be open with diversity, and gain strength through experiences, given if they are bad or good. Through the use of technology, I will be able to keep learning new things such as useful classroom tools. I plan to collaborate openly and diversely with all of my peers and those around me, so that I can better understand others, and what different skills, techniques, and tools reach everyone.

Feedback section: Because everyone loves a little comment about their work.

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