Wednesday, April 17, 2013


On the last day of this project, I thought that I would do a little reflection on what the Julia Cook presentation meant to me.

First, I would like to give a helpful link to one of her pages that I found, which is where you and I both can purchase books that she has writte. The site Julia Cook Online Books is based on her materials that she has done on her own, or has had a little help with. I think that this is a good site to have in my inventory becuase of some of the things that she has written about. One of the books that she read to us durring her presentation was about a therapy horse who helped young adolescents with their emotional or physical issues. The book Straight from the Horses' Mouth by Juilia Cook had nearly made me cry. The book just seemed very emotional, and it supported children as well as adults who needed help the most.  I think that this story alone would be a good book to have in my classroom so that children would be able to have the book read to them, or even read it themselves so that they could see that maybe they are not the only person who has such an issue, or mainly that they can seek help to talk about their issues even if it's not with another human being. Animals such as Therapy Horses do help certain persons with emotional and physical issues, and I think that this book was very insperational for the topic that it was about.

Another thing that I wanted to mention related back to what Mrs. Cook spoke about at her presentation. She gave a lot of help for supporting children who have emotional and behavorial issues. She mentioned children with disabilities and how we can support them in our learning environment. She gave a five step model that gave some good aspects of what  may affect student's desicions within school as well as outside. She gave supporting information about schools, students, parents, peers and other external aspects that effect a child's moral development.

Overall, I enjoyed her lecture and a lot of her materials that related back to issues children may face. Her books can help in many ways, from disorders and anger issues, to proper eticate while being around people, such as not picking your nose in public. I enjoyed her lectures and I think that her books will be making their way into my life soon.

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