Thursday, April 4, 2013

Classroom Materials

Today I found a good cite that hosts many different classroom materials for students who have ADHD and other special needs. The site: Childswork/ChildsPlay is actually a webpage that teachers or even parents would be able to buy materials from.

50 Activities & Games for Kids with ADHD BookThis is one of the material items that the page hosts. You would be able to buy this book, and use the different articles, resources, puzzles and games within it to study different topics that the children may face. Some of the topics that the book gives include friendship, recreation, family and school succcess.

Calm Down & Play! Activities to Help Impulsive Children BookOther books such as this one would be a good use to other students with impulse issues, focus problems or thought organization. There are other examples given in the summary of the book, but the main focus of this activity book would help to stimulate the child into doing their school work or calming down. This book also gives some helpful strategy hints as to how to help maintain the child's focus as well as calm them down should they need to.

The site also gives many other resource materials, such as posters and an array of activity books along with reading materials. This is a great site to have on hand should extra activity books or simple methods be needed or supplied within the classroom. I think that this is an excellent source to have at my disposal.

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