Monday, April 15, 2013

50 Must-See blogs!

I was looking for some nice blog sites today when I stumbled across a site that holds about fifty different blog connects, all dedicated to Special Education strategies, lessons, experiences and more. The site 50 Must See blogs displays a bunch of fun information and links that you can take in order to browse through nearly any idea of special education that you want to.

I looked over the site and found a link, I believe it's number one on the list, Reality 101, by a few different special educators add their input about some very real facts, such as religion in the classroom, or even the unfortunate passing away of students. This particular blog page supports many different aspects of the student's life, and brings to the table some truths, good and bad.

Assistive Technology is another blog that I found relatively nice to look over quickly. I think that this blog's focus was mainly about different ways that technology could influence lives of students, as well as their teachers. The person on this page gives different levels and improvements on technology within the classroom, from the Ipad/Laptop to the simplicity of a desk top that can house multiple objects inside of it. What interested me the most was his work on the Epson PowerLite915W. He goes onto mention that the projector, makes a lot of his presentation and speeches at a nearby library a lot less troublesome, and that the connection of his laptop or device to the projection allows for a lot less complication.

These blogs are something that can be refrenced in the future, and I think that they will be a nice addition of information to my already growing archives.

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