Thursday, April 26, 2012

I believe Project...

This is my short viedo on what I believe.

I cant recall if I mentioned this but here it is again. Create a blog post reflecting on the process of creating your "This I believe . . .' project. What did you discover about yourself? What was fun? Rewarding? Difficult? Easy? Also, discuss how you might

Thu 4/26

This I believe Reflection…

                Self Discovery: What I found out while I was making this project was my past, and what I had gained throughout my life so far. Although I did grow nostalgic over the subject, I found that karate and that short experience within the CCD classroom was what morphed me into what I want out of my life. I realized that I find something different and challenging within the teaching field, and it’s something that will keep me interested and busy.

                Fun: What I found fun about this project was mostly the story writing, but that was more essay based. I think that even though it was a small part, the ending song ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ was the best part of making this short video. I loved working with some of my friends in order to put it together, and I enjoy adding humor to my work.

                Rewarding: I found out about myself, and I was able to work with new software such as Microsoft Movie. I thought it was fun, and although I’m sure that there are better movie makers out there, I found Microsoft Movie very accessible. Not very handy though, but still…I took what I could get.

                Difficult: Working with Microsoft Movie maker. It wouldn’t take any of the audio tracks I wanted to add, and even when I went through the trouble of making the audio re-save files, it was still difficult. Audacity was not much of a help, but then again, I had never really worked with the program. I resorted to ‘Record Tool.’ I found it deep within the program accessories of my own computer, and it was a lot more helpful than anything else.

                Easy: Making the essay. The only hard part about the essay was keeping it to a minimum, and well as trying to focus on the main points I wanted to tell the readers and listeners about. I also found that it was slightly troublesome trying to figure out what I wanted to tell everyone. Divulging in deep information on the computer is simply one thing that I’m not sure I’m ready for, but I suppose it has to start somewhere.

                Classroom uses: I would try not to use Microsoft Movie Maker in my classroom. I would instead work towards Garage Band and IMovie. I have not yet worked with IMovie, but I’m guessing that it is a lot more accessible to use within a classroom. Within my classroom, I would be happier to speak about my becoming a teacher, and I would love telling my future students about what had made me want to become a teacher.

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