Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Website with songs and activities.

The website that I found today is Dream English, and it goes along with some sing along songs that can be used within the education classroom. The artists' name it Matt R., and his page begins with an introduction to the site and how special education teachers have actually thanked him for his music. The MP3s that he has available to download for multiple uses within a classroom can be found right here and has a specific song called Days of the Week.

I like this song because of it's even pace and the imagery that it gives to the audiance. I think that it's a great sing along that special needs, as well as general ed. kids can follow along and even enjoy listening to.

However, the site also hosts other enjoyable materials. When I went to the main part of the website, which can be located here, it took me to a page that displayed different grade levels. I was very interested in the different criteria or 'problems' that they were hosting, and decided to test out the first grade section. It then prompted me to check out the 155 different skills and took a look into the area. Looking over the problems listed as A.6- Counting by 10s to 100, I was brought to this page, which in turn, gave me different practice problems that I could then preform in order to count to different groups of 10's, 40's, 90's and the likes. The images were given in groups of 10's and it was nice to have the images all clumped together so that if I needed to, I would be able to still place my finger on each group in order to better count them. Also, I think that with the images and the grouping, it would allow for any student to see the different images, as well as having them participate in an online game, which may help them to be more enthused about it.

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