Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Something new

While looking online today, I was trying to find something about Technology, and how it inhances the lives of children who have disabilities. However, I was scrolling through pages on google and found a store site instead. The site Flag House offers many different items that children, young adults and even the elderly can use in and out of their homes and school.

These scissors are adapted so that they can cut paper with less energy being used, and with children who may have a gross motor disability, this product would be great to have in the classroom.
Adapted Scissors - 45mm Round - Ended Blades

2-Person Workstation
This area could be used for two persons, so if there may be a child with a behavioral issue in the classroom, and all of the students have 'buddies' you may want to consider sitting the child closer to one of the kids that he enjoys!

Beach Chair
And of course they have other items that the children can use inside and outside. Now, kids can even go to the beach in adaptive wheelchairs.

The All Terrain Vehicles category is very helpful, but there are plenty of other areas on this website that can also help change and improve upon the functioning of daily activities for special needs students. They have from scissors and hand writting materials all the way up to swimming pools, at home trainers and even helpful rugs and portable bins. I think that when I become a teacher, I may suggest this site to parents, but also use it for a materials listing for my own classroom.

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