Monday, April 8, 2013

Sonoma County

Today I was looking online for a website that would give me a better database for more policies on Special Needs programs. Although I was looking for areas around Erie, or even PA, I did manage to 'expand' my searching further.

What I found was a programing system that encircled an entire county. The county of Sonoma has an Office of Education that strives to devote all levels and fields of education for all special needs students. The SCOE programs website is listed right here, and gives a great amount of not only detailed plans for all of their students, but also school information and qualification for staff, as well as students. The different programs on the site can link to other parts of criteria that explain options such as Elementary, Transitional, Job Services, and other types of schooling that students will need throughout their life span.

I was amazed of the information that was given on some of the pages, and I think that this was a very interesting website for me to have found. I was looking to stay within Erie, but I know that I may also need to expand my job searching for other areas as well. I'm not too afraid to travel to another part of the state in order to seek a job I know I'll be happy in, and I'm happy to have found another area that has such high standards as well as high policies and care for their students. This would be something that I may just have to look into for my future.

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