Sunday, April 14, 2013

A 'maybe' site...

I was looking around on the internet today for a new article, but came across a resource instead. After spending a few minutes looking over the page, I found that it could be 'not-so' useful to myself or others in the future.

The website, provides multiple links to other websites. I was looking under some of the areas and found that a lot of the site is based off of advertising for areas around the US that service a mulitude of dissabilites throughout different stages of life.

One of the sites that I was searching for was under the category of Special services for daycare and early learning. The site it took me to was sensitive sitters one and it offered a short list of criteria that the organization tried to offere all of it's costomers. However, the site did not have  a lot of background information, was not highly decorated, and only gave contact information.

I think that this would be closer to an example of a website that I would look over at a quick glance and take a critical eye to. I think that some of the sites and services that this web page has to offer may be just a quick link search, however, I think that maybe if each area were further looked into, it may provide helpful supports.

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