Thursday, April 11, 2013


While roaming the web, I found a website that hosts many different helps and supports for children with disabilities. One the KenCrest site, there are many different links that you may feel free to look over.

The site hosts three main categories, a section for young children, youth and adults. I focused more on the children's link, since I found it to be a lot more interesting than what I had originally thought about it.
Under the section that's dedicated to 'Early Intervention: Birth to age 3,' I found that this site offers many helpful materials to parents or families who work with children with special needs. The KenCrest application allows for aids and early childhood educators to go to a persons house in order to work along with the student in order to keep them 'moving along' with proper care and basic understandings. They work within the house hold environment until the child is to the age of three, and from there will help with intervention placement methods.

The site offers many different resources, such as:  social work, speech and launguage therapy, special instruction and many others such as OT, PT, and nutritional values as well as behavioral supports. The KenCrest teams are developed to work with individuals who have behavioral, learning, developmental as well as other difficulties.

I think that this site would be something that I would be able to have a parent look over as a resource, should they need to find a supportive placement for their child. The KenCrest site also has areas that surpass the early intervention stage, so it is not as if this site would only be useful to paretns or gaurdians who have a child under three years old. The site is devoted to help other age groups throughout their developmental ages.

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