Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pancake Manor...

Pancake Manor has already been posted on my blogger pages. They are a small kid's band that make and post kid's songs with different aspects. One of the songs that I picked today deals with the examples of BIG and small items.

The Big and small song by the Pancake Manor group shows different examples of the same items, but only at different sizes. They use a photo graphed picturen of the two puppets sitting in a chair in order to show 'small' refrences, and then the image of the two photo graphed in a rather large chair, where the two puppets only appear to be a few inches high. Another example they give of big and small would be with the compairison of a moose, with it's actual height in real life. They follow it up with a picture of the blue puppet holding a toy moose in his hand, which is a representation of something small.

This can be used to show kids the different variations in one group of objects. I enjoy the videos by Pancake Manor because they offer a good chance at comparing, giving examples and easy to sing a long to songs!

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