Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A good Website for songs!

While searching the web today, I found a great site that hosts many different songs that teachers from all disciplines can use within their classrooms.

This site has many different lists (which are all sorted by categories) to help teachers or even parents to find different songs to incorporate within the class. The song: My Hands are for Helping by Linda Conrad is really short much like the others and is about how hands should be used for helping others, even when hearing a happy song.

The different songs are to the point, and this site even gives examples of the songs, and written up lyrics. I was able to download any of the songs or embed them to this site, so I assumed that they were protected by specific copy rights. However, I would like to do more research on the song becuase I think that this site would be a good resource to use in my future room. It's informative, easy listening, and could possibly be used to help with calming children down.

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