Friday, February 24, 2012

widgets for tweets

Get your own Widget tweet and start here to get your own twitter feed for your blog, like I do on the side of my account.
I'll try my best to explain the FIRST 10 steps, since those were the ones that I followed to get my little 'widget feature.'
Once you're inside your Twitter account, go to settings, from there, look to the left of your screen and go to the 'Profile' options.
Go to the center of 'Widget's' options, and Further click on "My Website." and click on the option of 'Profile widgets.'  In a box, you'll be able to add your blog name, simply copy and past it from your blog acount.
Next, hit on your own 'Finish and Grab Code option.' after that, it will give you an embeded link, but it is esier to just click on the little blog icon, it'll look the same as the one that the above website uses.
It'll take you to another page, simply click on the add a widget option. you should be taken to a last confirmation page.
Simply hit 'Save' and you should be all done.

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