Friday, February 3, 2012

Reading chapter one response

Reading chapter one:

The section that caught my eye the most, related to teachers opening up to the world of the internet. I feel that by bringing this sort of technology in the class room is a great thing. By making sure that our future teachers and students have such abilities like being able to connect across the world with others, while also keeping the users safe with the “Keeping kids safe” idea, I think that it’s a very progressive step forward.

The thrill of knowing that it’s possible to have such things as the internet, (as well as live feeds to other areas of the world), in our classroom will open up many opportunities for our teaching curriculum. In example, I would suggest maybe being in the historical field, and wanting to learn a topic about Japan. With the use of “connecting” across the world, we will be able to make such connections with other nations that we would want our students to learn about. Also, with ease we will be able to simply connect over the internet with other areas of the world that we want to learn more about. Knowing that I’ll someday be able to display a live camera feed over the internet with a classroom in Japan excites me. To be able to speak with someone across the world and learn about their culture and their government and traditions, along with many others would be a great experience to bring to my classroom.

Future students will be able to ‘link’ or even ‘facebook’ with their pen pals, or even brining ‘skyping’ to the classroom by means of using technology further in the area of a face to face opportunity in learning as explained above. Although I’m sure that there will have to be added security along with such progressive movements in the internet usage among younger students, there will always have to be ways to better keep our students safe.


  1. I like the idea of interacting with other students aroud the world that would be cool.

  2. This is a good idea, but i feel like we already have this today. I still do not think Facebook should be in schools

  3. i like the idea of teachers opening up the world of the internet to the students so they could interact with other students

  4. i think technology is going to be very useful in education as long as it progresses slowly

  5. I also think it will be exciting for the student to experience places around the world that they are unable to travel to.