Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Although a little late in writing my response for the new blog we were supposed to write about, Here is my opinion on Twitter, and how it may improve my teaching skills.
Firstly, when I first created my Twitter account, I was unsure about it, although the only real thing that I can think of for using it with would be to use it to look up Tosh.0, I believe that I could really have no potential enjoyment for it. I think that it is a very tricky, and somewhat difficult program. Although I could see where it would be helpful to send out a short message and news feed, I think that it is also slightly aggravating. What I find aggravating about the Twitter is that it doesn’t seem to hold a lot of information, although I have to admit that I do think that the ability to make quick connections with other ‘potential sped’ teachers, is interesting.
I think that the only way Twitter would really help me in my teaching career would be to use it to get to know other people, as well as other peers. To quickly be able to get to know other Sped teachers, or other educators is a very positive step forward.

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