Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cool tool for School

I picked Google docs, because it is the most useful to me right now during my college life. I found that it is a great way to back up my files, and make sure that I have important essays or content when I need it. The only issue with it is that if I run into no internet connection, then I may have a problem with downloading or opening a file. So far thoguh, I was able to open my essay and have it ready for class, I plan on using it for my group presentation and project planning as well. I enjoy using Google docs becuase it's easy and available. https://www.google.com/,  click on that link, and then go to the top of the page and click on 'Documents.' If you are logged into your blogger.com site, then I'm sure that you already have the ability to obtain google docs.
How I would use this in my classroom is by sending projects that I want to present to my class over the google doc links. At school, I would then be able to open and download the files, and further show my projects for the class.

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