Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was surprised to read that the OER expands over a wide range of knowledge. I was not surprised though when I read the part about the reliability of some of the content. I think it gets a little sketchy when a large source goes through the trouble of trying to ‘gather’ up everyone’s information without having outstanding credibility. I saw that OER is looking into trying to explore their database though. It scares me that pretty much anyone can post content up, or so that’s my understanding of how OER receive their information.

How OER effects me as a Learner: I would be able to access a diversity of websites and links. Which I noticed is a lot like EBSCO Host from my high school…But I still find such sites as these very helpful. Since the articles are short, they are easier to read and even informative. In some instances though, they may lack credibility, or even information.
How OER effects me as a Student: I would be able to further expand on criteria on some of my classes. I also think that this site would be great as a resources page and so I would be able to use it to my advantage in the essay and research paper area.
How OER effects me as a Future Teacher: I would use this in my classroom to give examples of not only other persons’ works, but also as a reference to many different subjects. Although I based most of my articles on art (Which I did because I like art, and I thought that reading multiple articles on subjects I actually enjoyed would make my work assignment a lot easier and faster…) I noted that there were many other categories and helpful areas. Since I did narrow in on Arts and humanities though, I believe that I have expanded my knowledge even further in some way, even if it was just a little bit.

Exploring the world of how music can become a science study, I think that this would be very enjoyable to read about if I were a learner who liked to expand my knowledge on music and how it could be thought of as a ‘natural’ science.

I believe that as a student, this article on Creative Writing would be very helpful. Although, I have always been interested in taking a creative writing course, I believe that I would not have to after reading this article. I think that it’s not only very informative about how to do a ‘set-up’ of it, but I think that I would be able to actually use it within my other course work and studies. I like this link very much, and have a note of it for later reference.

As a teacher, I would use this source to give examples of different art ideas and culture standings of diverse peoples. I think that this article would be good to go over in an art class with my students if I wanted examples of different artistic

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